Friday, October 26, 2007



my poetry

This is the poetry show hosted by Bob Marcacci who scours the internet to bring to you the best of current poetry. Josh Hinck produces the show and adds his musical mayhem and aural excitement. The show brings together the most current in poetry and music for a delicious and thought-provoking listen.

for information on all the episodes and links to all the poets visit i-outlaw

The Countdown from MiPoRadio

The Countdown

This was where Bob Marcacci and Josh Hinck first teamed up to bring you their poetry show. Josh Hinck was only limitedly involved in episodes 15-17 but did supply music, sound fx and samples. With episode 18 Josh Hinck became the producer of the show and together with Bob Marcacci created 4 episodes for MiPoRadio before they were let go. Bob and Josh continue with their highly current poetry and music soundscape now called i-outlaw.

for information on all the episodes and links to all the poets visit i-outlaw


This is the March 2007 euphoreador release entitled 'lack'. This album uses acoustic sounds with spoken word to heavy synth to breakbeats. There is a heavy focus on poetics to give the listener something to think about.

lack - euphoreador
March 2007

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is the 2004 euphoreador release entitled 'Reticent'. Josh Hinck and Andrew Fricek worked on this album while both were living in Minneapolis. euphoreador uses many styles and sound elements from industrial to jazz from samples to clarinet. There is much to decipher.

Reticent - euphoreador

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Chldren of a Dying Sun

This is the Spring 1999 release 'Children of a Dying Sun' by Confession of Faith. Confession of Faith is an experimental industrial goth band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They combine a deep rooted sense of poetry with a myriad of musical elements, from using found sounds/samples and noise to hammered dulcimer and acoustic instrumentation. Confession of Faith is Matt Cooper, Josh Hinck, Joe McDonald.

Children of a Dying Sun
- Confession of Faith
Spring 1999

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